All Pro Critter Management

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All Pro Critter Management

Charleston West Virginia
24 Hour Service
If It's a Critter
We'll Getter

Watching wildlife can be a truly amazing thing. Catching the sight of deer feeding in a field with the little ones playing is a very enjoyable sight. Unfortunately, wildlife is losing habitat daily due to population growth. So, animals are losing forest areas where they feed and find safe harbor forcing them into areas populated by us humans. This doesn't always bode well for humans or animals. Animals, more and more often, are trying to find food and refuse at peoples' homes. The animals are not trying to be a problem but by their very nature can be destructive to buildings and land trying to make a place to live. They can start electric outages and/or fires by chewing on wires. Rats for example, can chew holes to get into your house that other animals, like snakes, can also enter through. They can be very messy rummaging through trash cans, storage buildings and houses looking for food. They can expose you to other health risks from their urine and feces. They can be aggressive and even deadly toward pets trying to defend the area they just claimed. They can also expose people and their pets to diseases and parasites they could carry. That's when animals become a nuisance. That is the mission of my business to remove nuisance animals as humanely as possible

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